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Internet of Things Cell (IOT)



After completing the course, the students should be able to:

  • Identify the main components composing the Internet of Things
  • Describe the concept of the Internet of Things in terms of models
  • Explain how tools and technologies (e.g., RFID/NFC, sensors, embedded systems, and smartphones) are used to create new Internet of Things solutions
  • Reflect using different frameworks for the use of the Internet of Things
  • Analyze, design or develop parts of an Internet of Things solution and map it toward selected business model(s)
  • Assess different Internet of Things technologies (e.g., RFID, sensors, embedded systems, and smartphones) and their applications.
  • Critically evaluate ethical and potential security issues related to the Internet of Things



  • Explain in a concise manner how the general Internet as well as Internet of Things work.
  • Understand constraints and opportunities of wireless and mobile networks for Internet of Things.
  • Use basic measurement tools to determine the real-time performance of packet based networks.
  • Analyse trade-offs in interconnected wireless embedded sensor networks.



  1. Workshops from domain experts on following topics:
  • Abstract writing
  • POC creation
  • IPR
  • Entrepreneurship
  1.  Projects Listing & Shortlisting
  • Listing of industry related projects at a single platform
  • Shorting of abstracts, white papers submitted for the projects
  1.  Handholding and Mentorship
  • Reach to sponsors and project funding
  • Providing hand holding, guidance and support by mentors from Industry
  1.  IPR / Patent filing support
  • Providing required support to colleges for filings Patents from successful projects
  1.  Project Commercialization support
  • Connecting industry with the colleges on commercialization of the successful projects, patents,
  • built technology
  • Supporting student entrepreneurs for building their own startups on the successful projects or built technologies




  Guest Lecture on - ETHICAL HACKING





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