K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology ( KJSIEIT )
Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is Electronics?

    Electronics is the study of solid state devices, electronic instruments & integrated chip and their allied fields such as embedded systems & microprocessors.

  • What are the electives offered in Electronics?

    In VI SEM, There are three Electives

    i) Computer Organization

    ii) Communication System & Applications

    iii) Medical Electronics.

    In VII there are four Elective Subjects:

    i) Wireless Communication

    ii) Advances in Biomedical Instrumentation.

    iii) Micro computer system design

    iv) Digital Image processor Design.

    In VIII there are again four subjects

    i) Advanced Networking Technologies

    ii) DSP processors & architectures

    iii) Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems.

    iv) Electronics Product Design.


  • What are the employment opportunities in electronics field?

    You can get employed in any IT industry; Telecom based industry and also in industries related to automation, hardware and embedded systems.


  • What Co-curricular / Extra Curricular activities are conducted by Electronics Department?

    Electronics has EESA( Electronics Engg students Association) &  You can be a member of IEEE student chapter, under which many ,workshops, Seminars etc are arranged .You can participate in technical festival & cultural festival of the college.

  • What is the future scope of IT branch?

    Increased software application production and demand by government, Public sector and businesses for communication equipment, computers and military electronics along with domain specific consumer demand and increased research and development on robots and other types of automation contributes to the growth of employment opportunities in the IT field.

  • I have completed my B.E and I want to establish my own business. What are the fields appropriate for me?

    IT Engineers can start their own small businesses by developing small applications required by end users. They can also start vising government sectors, institutes, universities, small firms asking for their organizational s/w requirements & outsourced activities from bigger organizations also.

  • As in the period of recession when one can’t believe in private companies, are there jobs in PSUs for IT Engineers?

    Yes. The list is endless. An It engineer can get a job in Central Government, State Governments and their sponsored corporations in public sector and in all wings of the Armed Forces and also the private organizations.

  • What is IT Engineering? How is it different from the Computer Engineering branch?

    IT covers all the topics from Computer engineering in addition environmental, social, ethical, entrepreneurship, health care , gaming topics are added in IT course. The current syllabus demands IT graduate an all rounder.

  • Is Research facility available in the department?

    Yes, Research projects are assigned to interested students.

  • What co-curricular activities are conducted by computer department?

    Student can be a member of Computer Society of India (CSI). CSI organizes various workshops and seminars for students which enhance their practical knowledge of technology.