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Content Beyond Syllabus


Meetings with subject experts and HODs are arranged program wise for corrective actions to be taken to bridge the identified curriculum gaps. The decisions related to prerequisites and content beyond syllabus are also taken during meetings.

Identified prerequisites and content beyond syllabus are included in lesson plan/lab plan of each course. Respective subject teacher or industry subject expert’s covers contents of prerequisites & content beyond syllabus in classroom or laboratory. Seminars, Expert talks and workshops are conducted to fulfill gap requirements. The Institute has initiated gap analysis and conduction of prerequisite lectures for the students. After every module of the syllabus, subject teacher conducts module exit survey to verify the understanding of the particular module. Faculty conducts special sessions for the mathematical subjects to second year students of the program. These value addition courses, activities, trainings, certification courses, Industrial Visits, labs, mini, major project developments, curricular & extracurricular activities helps to attain particular POs of the program to a higher level. 

Following methods are used for the delivery of the contents beyond syllabus for the attainment of POs and PSOs of the courses for every program.

  • Class-room Teaching
  • Additional Laboratory experiments
  • Case studies
  • Project Development
  • Guest Lectures/workshop/Seminar
  • Industry visit
  • Internships
  • Pre placement training
  • Finishing School
  • Training on Soft skills
  • Online certification courses


Along with all these activities various active professional body chapters, student cells, student committees like CSI, IEEE, IET, IETE, ISTE, IEI, Student Council organizes programs throughout the year for meeting gap in curriculum.

Following table provides the justification for CBS delivery:

Delivery of Content Beyond Syllabus


Class Room Teaching

  •    Delivery of the contents of the topic which is beyond syllabus is done in the class room with black board or Multimedia presentations which is the best method when the contents are theoretical and informative.
  •    In addition, the faculty members conduct pre requisite tests of the subject so that he/she can identify weak students and knowledge level of the students before start of the teaching. Faculty delivers the information of the course with the history, background theory of the topics, its concept with examples effectively so that student can get the knowledge and related practical concepts, application etc.

Additional Laboratory Experiments

  •    Topics which are important and not the part of lab experiments such additional experiments are conducted to enhance the knowledge.

Case Studies

  •    Group of students are given a advanced topic. They discuss on the topic and prepare a document.

Project Development

  •    Societal, environmental, need based and real time application based projects are carried out by the students under the guidance by faculty.
  •    The Department has software development cell which provides platform for students to work on real time projects.


Seminars/Guest Lectures

Various workshops, seminars, Expert talks by academicians/industrialists on different technologies are organized to gain the knowledge and the attainment of POs and PSOs.

Industrial Visits/Tours

Visit to the large or small scale industries are organized for the students to bridge the gap.


Software development cell provides in-house internship for the students to work on real time projects, need based projects.

Pre-placement Trainings

Seminars are organized to groom students for aptitude tests, interviews and overall development of students

Finishing School

For better placement ratio, Finishing schools are conducted for final

year students to train them on various latest technologies to crack

the placements

Training on Soft Skills

Guest lectured are organized to enhance students soft skills

Online Certification courses

Students and faculty members are actively participating in NPTEL online courses, dot net courses by Microsoft.

Extra Cocurricular Activities

Students and faculty members are actively involved in many extra co-curricular activities like Green Club, NSS ,Cultural Festival, Technical Festival-Renaissance etc.




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