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On Campus:

All the computers of the Institute are provided with the internet facility including the computers in the laboratories and in the faculty and staff cabins. Institute has subscribed internet leased line connectivity of 56 Mbps. Library corridors around laboratory sections and canteen areas are Wi-Fi enabled. Students and staff can browse the Internet using their mobile phones and laptops. NPTEL videos / web contents (8 TB) are available for viewing on campus.

Off Campus:

  • All the students and staff members have provided an e-mail ID in ‘somaiya.edu’ domain
  • APPS in GAFE like Google Classroom
  • Employee self- service portal
  • All the online library services
    • Computer systems are upgraded as per the requirements of University Syllabus for each branch. Licensed software is installed as per the requirements. The Institute always tries to upgrade to the latest technology to provide the best education to students. Two interactive / smart classrooms and 5 Offee boxes are available in the Institute. All classrooms  are  equipped  with  LCD multimedia projector with an internet connection. We have internet bandwidth to 56 Mbps and connecting all computers in the institute with LAN which is now being upgraded to 150Mbps..  Upgraded IT infrastructure facilitates the use of Somaiya Trust level facilities for all institutions in a group such as GCC, Somaiya e-mail etc.  With the help of upgraded software students  are participating and winning. Hence backup is available in the case of any failure.

Additional Internet Facilities:

Following are the additional facilities provided under IT section over institute internet:

  • Internet Access to all computers in the institute using 150  Mbps  internet leased line from Bharti Airtel Pvt Ltd.
  • Connectivity between Somaiya  Ayurvihar  and  Vidyavihar  for  Common Global Circulation Library Software using 2Mbps leased line.
  • WiFi internet access on campus.
  • A well-equipped wired LAN Structure for connectivity among laboratories for data sharing and internet access.
  • Somaiya Domain Email ID for all students for life time use with unlimited storage.
  • Somaiya Domain Email ID for all faculty and Staff.
  • All amazing google apps like Email, Drive, Calendar, Groups, Classroom, Forms, Site and so on.
  • myaccount.somaiya.edu web portal for easy management of services such as OPAC, Email and SVV Net ID password, reset as well as online Application of Railway concession, Scholarships, Awards.
  • Google Classroom to keep classes organized, and improves communication with students. The simple paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review and grade assignments quickly all in one place improves organization.
  • Somaiya RFID card serves as an identification card, for access to campus, for book circulation in libraries.
  • SVV Net ID to Access Internet / WiFi, e-Services, Reset Email account Password.
  • Library e-Resources Portalhttps://library.somaiya.edu : Accessible from anywhere through internet using somaiya.edu Email account. Access to a world-class academic research library with millions digital texts, electronic journals, databases & open source resources.
  • Slonkit - Prepaid Card: cashless facility available to our students via the 'Slonkit' card that is affiliated to Visa. This is also a money management app with powerful features.
  • Surveillance Cameras : Located in laboratories, library and common access areas.
  • Bulk SMS to send quick messages to Staff, Students and Parents.
  • Microsoft Student Campus Licenses
  • Licensed Windows OS and other software such as, Matlab, Adobe, Mentor Graphics, Antivirus, etc.
  • Use of open source software including OS Ubuntu.
  • Day to day Website updation of Institute and Departmental activities, Notices, Events, Circulars, etc.
  • Personal attention to Students to resolve their IT services related queries.
  • My Vetan HR Software for Salary, Leaves, Employee Attendance etc.
  • Security   arrangements   for   internet   are   Firewall   (cyberoam),   Antivirus (Kaspsersky Endpoint Security) on every desktops & laptops of institute.
  • MATLAB and SIMULINK TAH LICENSE - Institute offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion products.  All faculty, researchers, and students are eligible to download and install these products on their university computers as well as their personally-owned computers. 














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