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For assisting the students to find placement in the industry at the end of the engineering bachelor degree course of University of Mumbai.

We intend to help the students, whenever possible, to get vacation / concurrent assignments / internships, provided it does not interfere with their regular academic obligations like attendance etc.

Continuous efforts are made to improve the Industry – Institute interaction. Understanding the industry expectations and sharing it with staff and students is expected to help improve employability of KJSIE & I T students.




To facilitate Placements (and if possible internships) for all interested students by liaisoning with the recruiters and KJSIEIT alumni with a view towards achieving 100% placements




The Training and Placement Committee (TPCOM) of the institute is headed and guided by Training and Placement Officer.

The Training and Placement committee consists of at least  one faculty member from each department and student volunteers, helping out the Training and Placement officer.

  • The faculty representatives for individual department are nominated by the principal in consultation with concerned Head of Department.
  • Other staff members are also encouraged to involve themselves in the placement activities and the placement committee enjoys best support from all colleagues.
  • The management of institute and all the teaching staff firmly believe that the placement is JOINT RESPONCIBILITY of ALL staff members.

The faculties Members from each department nominate minimum 2 boys and 2 girls from each division  of Third and final year as student volunteers who are also part of the placements team.

Training and Placement Committee Meeting

  • The team conducts a weekly team meeting
  • The agenda of the team meeting consists of weekly updates regarding companies contacted, CV update window, communications to the batch etc
  • The MoM of each team meetings are maintained and shared with all the team members.

Absentees and non attendees are tracked


Responsibilities /Activities of TRAINING AND Placement Committee


Data collection and Verification


  • The Departmental Placement Coordinator faculty (Training and Placement committee member) (DPC) is responsible for collection and verification / authentication the student data for respective department. Work of ‘Final year Placements’ student data is to be completed before the students proceed for vacation after 6th semester examinations.
  • All the accreditation related documentation and data maintenance of placement function is done by DPC from respective department. They will maintain hard copies of all placement related data regarding their respective department, in the department itself and send soft copy of the same to the placement officer.

   Interface with students


The DPC will interact with students from respective department and will be in charge of dissemination of information. They will give information / instructions to (& collect feedback from) the students. The student volunteers will help them in this regard.


Résumé Maintenance


  • The DPC members will maintain résumés of all the students eligible for the Placements.
  • Résumés will be maintained in standardized format of KJSIEIT.
  • All students are to submit their resumes in prescribed format as directed by DPC and are to furnish proof of details mentioned in the resume for authentication by DPC members.
  • The resumes are to be updated regularly so as to include latest results.
  • The resume update window would be opened at the discretion of the DPC for interim updates like awards, certifications, live projects etc.
  • It will be the responsibility of individual student to make/ maintain copies of CV and present the same when needed by any company.

  Maintenance of Batch Excel Data


  • The DPC members are required to maintain a Batch File which holds the profile of students and other relevant information of students. This information is many a times required by companies to shortlist students and to look at the batch profile.
  • The details like Student Roll No, Name, Course, Project, email id, mobile no, Address, Gender, DOB, additional Qualification, awards, achievements, etc are to be captured in Batch File.
  • The Batch File is also to contain pie charts of placement performance.
  • The Batch File needs to be updated at all times with the current data in case of any change in the address etc of students. The student’s data in this sheet should be concordant with the data in the resumes of students.

    Database Maintenance of Potential Recruiters


  • The DPC members are to maintain database of potential recruiters for the sectors assigned to each member. The companies in this sheet are the ones pursued by the Training and Placement Committee for the placements.
  • Companies are added to the database as and when info is received and after verifying the credentials of the company.
  • The following details are captured in the database – Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, and Contact No, email id, Address and updates.
  • Help from colleagues and other contacts as well as from alumni and present students should be actively sought to expand this list.
  • Telephonic / Mobile Calling to Companies

  • The TPCOM members conduct telephonic /mobile calls to companies in pursuance to get the companies on campus for placements
  • Following information exchange happens in this process:
  • Inform the company of KJSIEIT programs, students profile and the placement process
  • Company’s requirements and the recruitment process is understood
  • If the company has said no, then the reason for the same is understood. E.g. No current year requirements, Off campus hiring of laterals, our college does not figure in their list etc
  • The details of the calls are updated in the company excel sheet for future references.

  Visits to Companies


  • The visits are planned in advance and prior appointment is sought for visiting the companies by the placement team members. The member before taking an appointment should check with the placement officer on the availability of schedule.

   Hosting Companies on Campus


  • The Placement team hosts companies on campus which are interested in the selecting students for the placements.
  • This Placement Process usually consists of Pre Placement Talk, Written tests, Group Discussion, Interviews which are conducted by the companies during the course of selection.
  • The team members connect with the Canteen and the college office in arranging for the GD rooms, auditorium and hospitality services.

Many a times placement team conducts guest lecturers so as to build relationship with companies with the aim of placements. Such lectures are kept mandatory for all the students to attend. Attendance would be monitored.




The Placement Process consists of the following steps -



Signups from Interested Students


After the Notice where the job profiles and other details etc received from the company is put up, interested eligible students would be asked to sign up. This sign up would indicate commitment on part of student to accept offer by the company in case he/she is selected.

Once registered, he/she cannot back out midway through a recruitment process. Strict action will be taken against defaulters.



Pre Placement Talk (PPT)

  • Students should be dressed in appropriate formals and are to be assembled for the PPTs at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Late comers will not be entertained once the PPT starts.
  • Companies taking part in the Placement Process conduct a PPT to provide job description to the students. Usually the PPT consists of the Job profile, Designation, CTC, Location, Skills required, and Eligibility etc. The students interact with the company officials and understand the profiles and clear their doubts during the PPT session. They are expected to get all their doubts cleared from the company officials. Once they attend a PPT, it will be assumed that the student  has clearly understood all the details and the terms and conditions are acceptable to the student. If something not covered in information shared prior to the PPT is revealed during the PPT, and is not acceptable to the student he/ she can back out after informing placement officer and DPC in writing.
  • It is mandatory for all the registered students participating in the placement process to attend the PPTs. Only those students who attend the PPT would be allowed to participate in the placement drive for that company. PLACEMENT COMMITTEE would take the attendance for each PPT and such record would be maintained.


Selection Process by the Companies

  • Different companies conduct different selection process. Usually, the process consists of a preliminary screening, Written Test, GD, Technical Interview and HR interview
  • The PLACEMENT COMMITTEE team would be coordinating all these processes and assist the students and companies in orderly completion of all the processes.
  • Most of the companies have their own minimum qualification requirement criteria and may shortlist students for process from eligible applicants.


Result Declaration

  • The companies taking part in Placement process on campus would give the list of the selected students to placement officer
  • The selected student would be immediately blocked from other companies’ processes and would be out of the Process for next opportunities.
  • One confirmed offer per student is the placement policy and student/ company would be served on first confirmed offer basis.
  • If a company is awarded “DREAM COMPANY” or “Core Company” status, then above rule will be relaxed for interested eligible students.
  • Awarding Dream Company status / Core company status to an organization is at the discretion of Principal, on recommendation from placement officer.
  • Students securing multiple job offers have to select one of the offers and communicate in writing their choice to the placement committee.
  • Students with discipline problem at any level may be dropped from further participation in the placement process.
  • Students abandoning a process midway and cases of indiscipline/malpractices will not be eligible for participation in the subsequent placement process.
  • For sequencing the slots for companies, student feedback/preferences will be considered. However it may be appreciated that slotting cannot be achieved to individual satisfaction.

Students who are doing internship / Summer Training with a particular company and are keen to join that company can initiate/propagate their candidature by opening the dialogue with their project guides/HR teams. In case the company responds positively, company is expected to arrange



  • Students with discipline problem at any level may be dropped from further participation in the placement process.
  • Students abandoning a process midway and cases of indiscipline/malpractices will not be eligible for participation in the subsequent placement process.
  • For sequencing the slots for companies, student feedback/preferences will be considered. However it may be appreciated that slotting cannot be achieved to individual satisfaction.
  • Students who are doing internship / Summer Training with a particular company and are keen to join that company can initiate/propagate their candidature by opening the dialogue with their project guides/HR teams. In case the company responds positively, company is expected to arrange detailed internal selection process which might include multilayered interviews.
  • If is obvious that no company will extend any offer to any uninterested candidate. Therefore if an offer comes out to college from company- either thorough formal or informal communication, it will be considered to have student’s willingness and confirmation to join the company.
  • At this stage i.e. after offer is received by the institute, student would not be able to back out and he/she will be taken out of Placement Process.
  • Escalation route for any queries/grievances shall be -

          Training and Placement Committee ->Placement officer -> Principal.

  • Grievances on individual basis only will be entertained and not in groups. Anybody initiating group mails for airing grievances shall be barred from participation in Placement process.





  • Placements Notice board / Email communications / social media communication from PLACEMENT COMMITTEE team shall be the primary mode of communication for all the placement related information. All interested students are to monitor the notice board and their email ids.
  • All personal queries or additional information required by the students should be routed through the Placement Committee alone.
  • Any student found sharing institute placement information with any external agency/college,  shall be debarred from participation in Placement Process.



Email communications to companies are done from the Placements id (placements.tech@somaiya.edu). The emails are classified as Invitation, Policy/Issue related and routine emails. Invitation and Policy/Issue related mails will be handled by Placement officer only. Routine mails may be authorized to be handled by Training and Placement Committee. Invitation mails could be divided into following categories – Invitation Mail to companies who have not participated in Placements in the last year, Invitation mail to companies who have participated in Placements in campus last year, The DPC members are empowered for sending routine e-mails to the companies after informing the placement officer   (so that multiple mails are not sent from the official mail ids).


Routine mails could be of the following types:

  • Appointment seeking mail.
  • Thank you mails after visit of the company.
  • Follow up mails with the companies.

Strategy for Better Placements

Involvement of Students

  • Evolving list of companies being pursued by TPCOM - Students provide feedback to the TPCOM team on the companies they want for and the companies which are not in the TPCOM company list are added and pursued. Also if any student provides contacts of HRs etc, the student is provided with the feedback whenever he/she requests for an update.
  • Slotting of Companies – For slotting the companies on day one, student’s feedback is taken. All the final year students informally provide their input based on which the companies are slotted.
  • Students’ feedback - Students’ feedback is sought to get a dipstick check of the kind of sectors the
  • batch is interested to be placed in.


Relationship Building with Potential Recruiters

  • The TPCOM team conducts activities like guest lectures, interaction sessions, concurrent projects etc to develop relationship with companies and to leverage it for final placements.

Tapping the Alumni

  • Identifying the Alumni working with companies and they would act as a bridge between KJSIEIT and company.


Tie Ups with Companies

  • Efforts are made in association with IIC and Alumni Committee to have  tie-ups / MoU with companies
  • We have tied up with accompany to automate placement records and placement related communications. However this system is concurrently used along with existing practice so as to  ensure smooth  switchover later.
  • We have a tie up for student training under finishing school


Use of Google Classroom / Social Media

  • Social Media (Face book page/group, Whatsapp groups) and Google classroom is used for assured communication with the students

  Finishing school Initiative

  • Institute has entered into an MoU with a service provider  for imparting soft skills and  techniques for improving performance in aptitude tests

    Help to students even after passing out.

  • Job leads are provided to previous batch students through social media.


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