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  • 07 Aug, 2020
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Academic Process


The Academic Facilities of the Institute covers Institute Academic Calendar Preparation based on University Term Guidelines, Institute Level Time Table Preparation, Conduction of Internal Term Tests , KT Tests, Maintaining & Monitoring Discipline, Pre-semester Academic Monitoring, Mid Academic Monitoring, Term End Reports, Academic Auditing, Student Attendance Monitoring  & Efforts For Improvements. Student Feedback conduction like Online Feedback, Student Satisfaction Survey, Program Exit Survey, Course Exit Surveys, Surveys on Facilities & Implementation, Action Taken & Improvements. Advising & Conduction of Expert Talks, Extra Co-curricular, Curricular activities planning & conduction with various student clubs, cells, committees, professional bodies. Parent Teachers Meetings, Extra Practice Sessions, Coordination with Academic Attendance Software, Student-Staff Seminars/Workshops/ Activities Conduction & Coordination. Additional training programs, Certification Courses Conduction & Coordination for Faculty, Staff & students, Smooth conduction of Examination through assessment & evaluation system. The efforts not only covers Teaching Learning Methodologies but also aiming all round growth of students, staff & faculty with the inputs from all stakeholders under the guidance and supervision of various administrative & academic committees. 

1. Organisation Chart of Institute
2. Organisation Chart of  Departments
3. Advisory & Academic Committees
4.Teaching Learning Processes
4. Curriculum Gap Identification
5. Content Beyond Syllabus
6. Blooms Taxonomy
7.Teaching Learning Processes
8. Advanced & Weak Learners
9.Student Projects
10. Assessment & Evaluation
11 Feedback for Continuous Improvement
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