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Facility Name

Reason(s) for crating facility


Area in which students are expected to have enhanced learning

Relevance to POs/PSOs


Departmental Portal, Facebook webpage / Dept. web page

To inform all faculty, staff and students about their achievements in the department. Also to make aware all faculty/staff/students about competitions/Exibitions/Conferences

All faculty/ staff/students of department during college hours

Information about various competitions conducting at University/ National level. Students will participate in Project Competitions/Exhibitions/conferences

PO9, PO12, PSO 2


IoT based laboratory Automation with Institute funding

Students initiative for automation of laboratory fans and tubelights of second floor for saving electricity charges,

To build creative skills.

Lab No. 203,205, HOD Cabin 206 and Lab No. 207

Students developed prototype models.

Home automation.

Low cost models developed for societal and medical applications

PO1, PO2, PO3, PO9, PSO1 and PSO2


eYantra laboratory (Institute of IIT Mumbai )and Robotics Lab

Students will learn to develop robotics projects for different applications


Final year students will get exposure to develop robotics projects



PCB Machine & Laboratory  

Students will design any circuit using Eagle software and develop PCB using PCB Machine

All students those want to develop Mini Projects/ BE projects

All students of Department will learn how to use Eagle software for PCB Design and develop PCB using PCB Machine




Helping students understand the models, theories, and principles addressed in the lab procedure

Faculty and students of the department in Lab No. 203 and 207

Faculty develop pre lab video for their course. Students are using it during practical performance

PSO 1 and PSO 2


LCD Projectors

To improve teaching learning process

60 Hours per week

In classrooms & Laboratories

All classrooms for theory lectures as well as project presentations. All subjects which having design and simulations can be easily analysed and visualized.

PO1, PO10, PSO1


Google classroom for each course & each class.

  1. All announcements related to courses displays in  classroom.
  2. Upload  course material like notes, PPTs, videos, question bank, conduct MCQ tests,  give assignments, conduct module and course exit surveys.


  1. Easy to use for faculty members to   communicate with students.


  1. classroom application is  easy to  download on mobile phones
  2. To provide teaching material , details information about the course and to educate the students beyond classroom learning.
  3. To provide better understanding of the concepts of the course
  4. To promote ICT based learning

Throughout semester,

on and off campus is availed by students

1.Provide better learning as per the requirements of the course

2. Improve the depth in understanding.





Google classroom for Major and Mini projects.

1.All project related information such as resource material, announcements, research & publication related details are displayed on the classroom

2. Availability of    Log Book.

3. Upload samples of Project Reports

  1. To communicate with students regular project related activities.
  2. To provide guidelines to write research papers, prepare presentations  and report writing
  3. Regular documentation

Throughout semester,

on and off campus is availed by students

1. Update project related learning.

2.Provide better understanding of report writing

and presentation skills.


3. Regularity in documentation.

PO10, PO11, PSO1, PSO2


Offee (Offline Entertainment and Education Tool)

  1. Advance Teaching learning tool
  2. To conduct online/ offline tests and quizzes after  learning the module to evaluate understanding of students
  3. To make available for students offline video lectures 

In classroom as well as in laboratories, student can access the resources using their mobile phones

1.Provide better understanding of courses

2. Help student to gain knowledge of respective courses through videos.

PO1, PO2


NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning ) Online certification courses.

  1. 8 terra byte video lectures/web data for different courses are available for online study.
  2. To enhance the knowledge of the course
  3. To provide better understanding of the course using IIT Professors guidance.

Students and faculty utilize this facility as per their requirements for different courses

1. Up gradation of the subject knowledge.

2. Clarity of the concepts.

3.Expert Guidance

PO1, PO2,





Project Laboratory


1. To develop undergraduate Mini and Major projects t- guided by faculty members in various  domains.

2. Use of Licensed and open source softwares for implementation of projects.

3. To simulate real time applications

  1. To implement innovative ideas
  2. To Motivates students to come up with prototype/products.
  3.  Practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge

Students and Faculty members utilize all the labs and project lab for their mini project/ major projects and research work



1.Implementation and management of projects

2. Recognize leadership and teamwork.

3.Recognize  time management and follow of time line

4.Design-cost effective  solutions for problems

PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO6, PO7, PO8, PO9, PO10, PO11, PO12,  



Training for Placement 

1.Conduction of Aptitude Tests series using Google classrooms

2.Organization of events related to T & P ,Conduction of Mock interviews

3. Conduction of Finishing school training program

  1. To provide practice and training of aptitude test
  2. To improve communication and presentation skills
  3. To help students in building the confidence to face interviews.
  4. To get placed in various companies.

T& P sessions planned for the entire semester and implemented as one lecture per week for SE,TE and BE to improve their quantitative and qualitative ability for placement  .

1.Better Training of the students for better Placements

2.Provide better understanding of the skills required before





Departmental  Library

1.Project /seminar report available in the department library.

 2. Google classroom with e-material (project report presentations, Laboratory manuals)

3. Scanned Copy of question papers.


4.To meet the needs of students

5.To provide reference material

6.To refer advanced information for seminar, laboratory projects

Throughout the semester

1. Provide information about research/ development activities

.2. Provide   insight into recent trends in engineering projects.








and Development Laboratory


1.To develop mini and major projects  of undergraduate students under the guidance of faculty members in various domains. 

2.Indivisual faculty  Projects Development

3.Real time application

4.To create innovative ideas

5.To build the creative skills.

6.Motivates student to come up with projects/products

In Laboratory 302  throughout  the


To develop  Research based , product based, need based projects, societal project , agricultural based   projects under the guidance of faculties .


PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO6, PO7, PO8, PO9, PO10, PO11, PO12


Softwares for security

1.Licensed copy of    Kaspersky


2.To provide network security for computer in the laboratories.

Antivirus software under all Laboratories for data protection.

Security Aspect will be learned.



Learning  in Laboratories

1.Development of Pre- Laboratory videos,

 2.Use of virtual Laboratories prepared


3.To provide introductory and basic information about the experiments related to respective courses

All departmental Laboratories

To provide practical knowledge of respective courses.





Internet and Wi-Fi facility

56 Mbps WIFI available for    enhancing the teaching learning.

All laboratories  in the department are on LAN internet connectivity

Wi-Fi facility is available for all the students and  staff in library, canteen and floor passage.

User login and Password is given to all students and staff to avail this facility

1.Upgrade the teaching and learning process

2.Improve the research and development activities

3.Helps to understand the current developments in the field

4. 24x7 access to learning and research using internet.






Institute Level Language Laboratory

1.O’RELL software & Audio video facility


2.To improve Communication Skills & accent

First year students and as per requirement higher class students and faculty tiize same facility

Improved Communication Skills & Listening Skills



Centre of Excellence in Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Industry real time projects development in evolutionary technology





Student Cells, Clubs, Professional bodies


Student Council Committee, Software Development Cell, Research Development & Consultancy, Training & Placement Cell, Sports Committee, Professional bodies ISTE, IEEE, CSI, IET, IETE, IEI, Entrepreneurship Development cell, Career Opportunities for Engineers in Public Sector Cell, Cyber Security and Research Cell, Internet of Things Cell, Project Competition Cell, Robotics Cell, Green Club, Cultural Committee, Technical Committee, Industrial Visit, Alumini & Corporate Relation, Intellectual Property Rights Cell, Marathi Bhasha Wagdmay Mandal - Nakshtra, Aura Magazine, NSS Committee, Robocon, E-yantra, Vyom Club (Astronomy), Infinite Loop Club, Drame Baaz team, New Leap Initiative team, Women Development Cell, Student Grievance Committee, Anti Ragging Committee, Anti Ragging squad ,Industry Institute Interaction Cell.


Annual Sports, Technical, Cultural & Oscillation with Institute funding Festivals


Medical Counsellor


Robotics cell – National Level Robocon competition Participation with Institute funding


KJSIEIT -  INTECH project competetion








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