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  • 07 Aug, 2020
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Student Support Systems


Mentoring system to help at individual level


  • Our Institute has a well-established student mentoring system. Faculty members are proctors to a group of 20 students and they provide counselling to  the  students. Meeting of Proctor with the students is conducted every semester to discuss academic performance and progress. Proctor also discusses any personal issues the student may face and tries to solve student problems through proper guidelines & fruitful discussion.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) are arranged twice in a semester to discuss academic performance and progress of the student.
  • A Psychologist is appointed for counselling the students to  promote  good  mental health. It helps them to deal with stress and other pressures, handle anxiety and fear, resolve family related problems etc. The Psychologist visits the Institute twice a week.
  • Institute conducts an Orientation Program for first-year students and their parents to share the working model of the institute as a system. Regular parent-teacher meetings every semester are another feature. Parents are also part of departmental advisory committees.
  • In the first year, a systematic Gap analysis is done to identify the gaps and mitigate them. The details are given in table 2.8. The initial lectures are conducted to provide an overview of the prerequisites for every subject. Institute arranges extra interaction sessions for the slow-learners in the subjects like Engineering  Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering for first year engineering students as well as to higher classes also as per need. The performance of the students is shared with their parents through PTM, emails, SMSs and letters.
  • Attempts are made to give Personal attention to each students. Notes and question banks are provided and they are guided on how to study. Most faculty members have Google classroom where notes are uploaded on a regular basis.
  • Training & Placement cell provides career-related counselling sessions and training programs. The Entrepreneur-Cell provides entrepreneurship related counselling sessions. Alumni student’s lectures are organised to guide them about industry working environment.
  • Training is provided to students weak in communication skills through language lab with O’RELL, Audio, Video system and communication skill lectures to enhance their soft skills, group discussion skills.
  • The institute also arranges various courses/workshops on robotics, PCB designing, Arduino, Android, cloud computing, Net, MATLAB, Embedded C, LaTex  etc.  to bridge the knowledge gap. NPTEL lecture videos are also made available to  all students and they are motivated to join the online NPTEL courses certification.\
  • KJSIEIT  teaching  learning  process  concentrates  in  identifying  advanced  learning capabilities  as  well.  Advanced  learners   are  identified  based  on  the   academic performance  initiatives  taken  by  the  students  to  solve  problems,  their  projects  and work in laboratories and their term test marks. The advanced learners are encouraged  to participate in the technical paper presentation and project development competition, etc. A few good students secure internships and opportunity to work on live projects. They are encouraged to opt for online NPTEL courses on advanced topics.
  • Advanced learners are encouraged to participate in ROBOCON,National Level KJSIEIT INTECH project competitions, Hackathon  etc.  Avishakar  project competitions organised by UoM, ISTE project award competition and other various project and paper presentation competitions. They are encouraged to publish research papers and file patents.
  • Students are also free to approach any faculty to seek guidance on any matter and discuss their concerns.
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